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USA Extruded Plastics-Veteran Owned

and operated since 1993 made in the USA



extruded plastics Extrusion Profiles & Tubing
Our extrusion equipment runs 24 hours a day to provide you with plastic tubing, plastic cores, extruded tubing, medical tubing, safety sleeves, end caps, light covers and more...

We use a wide variety of virgin and recycled plastic types, including ABS, Acrylic, Butyrate, Polycarbonate, Styrene Polyethylene, Propionate. Pro Vista, XT and XTP, LED Polycarbonate. We have manufacturing experts that will help you find the materials you need within your budget. Certificates are available when required



packaging Packaging
USA has the tooling to run plastic tube packaging, extruded clear or color plastic tubes open end tubes, end caps with custom logos, containers, shipping mailing tubes, tubing sizes from 1/8" to 5+" available in custom colors shapes and sizes
Custom Development

Custom Development
Custom projects include plastic extrusions, custom injection molding, custom tubing and more. We work with you to develop your custom jobs from concept to completion



Over Run Bin
Items vary in type based upon availability of products that consist of over stocks and over runs. These products are changed frequently and are available on a first come-first served basis.



Lens Light Covers
Florescent light covers, NaturaLux lens and overlay lens, LED lens covers and caps, CFL mushroom lens covers, Store fixture lens covers, Custom designed light covers and many more...