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Custom Profile/Lens

USA Plastic Extrusion meets industry tolerances required for the application as we attempt to control variations in size caused by pushing, pulling, stretching, heating and cooling.

All these factors are considered in die design, after that we consider it an art form where the operator uses a myriad of shims, temperature and material flow adjustments, along with many years of experience to create the required profile.

We stock several side panels that are used with flat prismatic sheet in fabricating a lighting lens which over the years may have become obsolete, or is needed on jobs that do not warrant a production run of the original lenses.

Typical profile examples are lighting covers, ticket holders for POP display, angles, rods, molding, and many others.

Our parts have been on the battle fields in Afghanistian & Iraq, in outer space in the space shuttle and many feet underground.

We would like to be a part of your team in accomplishing the requirements you have for your project.

Profile/Lens Profile/Lens Profile/Lens