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Our extrusion equipment runs 24 hours a day to provide your part on time and at a competitive price.

Tubing with End CapsTubing

Some applications for extruded plastic tubing are:

Visible containers, thin or thick walled 3/8" to 5+" diameter tube for:
    • Candy | Clothing | Flowers | Golf balls
    • Containers for multiple products
    • Linear slit tubes for snapping on pipes. These are often used in custom color applications.

Custom Colors

USA can color match any sample or numbered color. We will even discuss some of the properties of these colors and how they may affect your final product, which in lighting can make a positive impact.

Light Cover Safety Sleeves and UV Filters

Tubing — Safety Sleeves An extensive array of polycarbonate safety sleeves and UV filter sleeves for many industries.

Our inventory includes sizes:
  • T-5 | T-6 | T-8
  • T-10 | T-12 | T-17

Along with our nominal lengths of 4' and 8' sleeves, we can quickly provide any custom length you may require. In addition, we maintain an inventory of colored and UV filtering tubes.


Fluorescent Light Box/Lens Covers

Tubing - Naturalux

There are many concerns about living and working under fluorescent light because of UV emissions and

  • Sensitivity to Fluorescent glare
  • Poor Color Rendering
  • Fatigue from Fluorescent glare 

Consider designing your lenses with Naturalux-tm additive to help alleviate those issues. USA Extruded Plastics is the exclusive manufacturer of Naturalux lenses and can manufacture your custom lens with Naturalux-tm properties.

Light covers are available in Frost and Custom colors. Special applications in yellow or red for UV filtration and can be designed to fit most fixtures. These covers can be used for Hospital clean rooms, to enhance the lighting environment and have many store fixture applications.  

For more information please visit for a wealth of information on the effects of fluorescent lighting.