Choose from numerous varieties
USA Extruded Plastics can work with any type of plastics.

Milky/Translucent can be color matched, high impact strength and good formability. Uses include clips, electronics, price tag holders and more.
Clear or Frosted Suspended Bead, tints to opaque colors, can be color matched, has good contact clarity, chemical resistance, impact modifier can be added for toughness. Uses include lighting, lens, display and LED lighting. LED lighting has become high in demand. The production challenge is to diffuse the individual diodes and minimize hot spots.
Clear transparent, opaque, can be color matched, has excellent molding qualities, moisture resistant and dimensional stability. Uses include retail point of sale signs, holders, moisture products and other uses.
Transparent, can be color matched, , has high impact strength, good surface gloss, excellent clarity, available in uv or fda grade. Uses include fluorescent safety sleeves, spectacle lenses, packaging tubes, vandal-proofing applications, sign faces and end caps. Specialty grades are available for medical and aircraft applications.
Opaque, can be color matched, flexible material, has stress crack resistance, good chemical resistance, moderate stiffness and excellent electrical properties. Uses include medical tubing, molded tube closures, closet pole covers, metal pipe covers and other uses.

USA Plastics thrives on challenging extruded plastic applications that push the manufacturing envelope. We have the capability of working with any type of plastics. Our extrusion equipment runs 24 hours a day to provide you with timely development and delivery of your parts. We provide excellent customer service, call us to discuss your requirements.