safety sleeves
led sleeves
Fluorescent or Led Safety Sleeves
Light Covers and UV Filters
USA offers an extensive array of polycarbonate safety sleeves. Along with our nominal lengths of 4' and 8' sleeves, we can quickly provide any custom length you may require. These are available in clear, standard and custom colors.

Also available are fluorescent safety sleeves (tube guard) in clear and a host of custom colors for various applications.

Our inventory includes sizes: T-5 | T-6 | T-8 | T-10 | T-12 | T-17. Normal lengths are 4’ and 8’ and we can quickly provide any custom length you may require. In addition, we maintain an inventory of both colored and UV filtering tubes.

UV filters for many industries are available from USA. There are many concerns about living and working under fluorescent light because of UV emissions. Concerns include: poor color rendering, sensitivity and fatigue to Fluorescent glare. Lens are available in acrylic, frost acrylic with impact modifier and polycarbonate.

Light covers are available in Frost and Custom colors. Special applications in yellow or red for UV filtration and can be designed to fit most fixtures. These covers can be used for Hospital clean rooms, to enhance the lighting environment and have many store fixture applications.